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TRACtion’s Kick-off Meeting

Dr. Lorraine Portelli (UM – Project Leader), Dr. Zoi Arvanitidou (UM), Prof. Riikka Räisänen (UH), Ms. Mari Kosunen (UH), Dr. Kathryn McSweeney (St. Angela’s College, Sligo)

TRACtion project partners, led by the University of Malta, met online for the project’s Kick-off Meeting held on 9th February 2023. TRACtion’s Consortium comprises of the University of Malta, the University of Helsinki, and St. Angela’s College, Sligo. 

The project TRACtion intends to revive, innovate and digitalise three traditional European costumes and simultaneously educate participants on their historical, creative, cultural, environmental, and economic aspects.

During this meeting, the partners together with their research support officers discussed the initial plan and actions for the project.