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University of Malta TRACtion Team – TRACtion Workshops

The principal investigator of TRACtion, Dr. Lorraine Portelli, together with Dr. Zoi Arvanitidou, organised two workshops titled: ‘Reforming the Għonnella – Tradition Meets Innovation.’ A workshop was held for teachers at St. Clare College Secondary School in Pembroke, and another workshop was organised for University students. The workshops aimed to educate participants about the rich history and cultural significance of the Għonnella, inspiring and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to creatively innovate traditional Maltese costumes. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on experience, the workshops sought to foster a deep appreciation for cultural heritage while encouraging contemporary creative expression.

Take a look below for some innovative creations of the Għonnella.

@University of Malta

@St Clare College Secondary School – Pembroke