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Keeping traditional costumes alive through education creates awareness and enhances creativity. It enables students  to expand on the knowledge acquired and broaden their career opportunities within the creative industry.  The project TRACtion intends to stimulate young people to become aware of and appreciate their garment heritage, as well as to recreate it according to their contemporary aesthetic preferences. 

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Photos used in the main website banner: 

  • 1st photo (Ghonella): Carmela Cassar by Edward Caruana Dingli. Book cover. Nicholas de Piro and Vicki Ann Cremona (eds), 1998, Costume in Malta: A History of Fabric, Form & Fashion, Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malta.
  • 2nd photo (middle): Constance Markievicz, 1899 by Casimir Dunin Markievicz, National Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.
  • 3rd photo (last photo): M. Seifert, 1892-1893. Finnish Heritage Agency, Collection of Ethnology, Finland.