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ATU St Angelas TRACtion Team – TRACtion Podcast Series

The Creative Europe TRACtion team @EU_TRACtion is generating podcasts that provide an overview of the historical and cultural context and unique features of textile costume artefacts.

The Irish podcast, created by Dr Kathryn McSweeney, includes Jeanette Gilmartin, who has a background in textiles and design. She describes the ornate features of Irish costumes and their value. The second speaker, Theresa Kelly, is an influential lacemaker specialising in Carrickmacross Lace. The lace evolved in Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, during the 1800s. The third speaker, Máire Treanor, specialises in a type of Irish Crochet called Clones Lace, named after the town where it was made in the 1800s. Máire has revived and taught the technique of Clones lace since the 1990s. The final speaker, Fiona Harrington, is a contemporary lacemaker. She uses fine art techniques to depict Irish landscapes through handmade lace. She combines traditional Kenmare needlepoint with Carrickmacross lace and creates her unique style of artwork. Through her innovative approach to lace, the heritage and history of lacemaking in Ireland is reinvigorated and preserved.

Audio producer: Aoife Moriarty, MA in Music Technology and MFA in Fashion Design @YFA_Design | @aoifesingsImage

Credits: Podcast Interviewer: Dr. Kathryn McSweeney

Speaker 1: Jeanette Gilmartin | @gilmartin.jeanette

Speaker 2: Theresa Kelly, Carrickmacross Lace | @theresakellylace

Speaker 3: Máire Ní Thréinir, June 2023. Clones Crochet Lace, Wedding top, crocheted and designed by Máire Treanor | @mairetreanor

Speaker 4: Fiona Harrington, Image Title: And Forever Shall Be | Materials – handmade needlelace, broken ceramic plate | Year, 2022 | | @fiharrington |Photo


Audio Producer: Aoife Moriarty | @YFA_Design | @aoifesings | Photography by Jules @maybedarlings